Me: Can. Those. Kids. Go. Nude. Dancing. By.
Friend: what?!?
Me: oh, not By...
i TOTALLY meant Backwards.
sorry about the confusion.

Crazy conversations. And yet so logical. Brought to you by studying history with my roommate, and devising crazy mnemonic devices... and now, i, too, can list the main famous scientists of the reformation: copernicus, tyco brahe, kepler, galileo, newton, descartes, b... b... oh cripes. maybe i can't after all.

Ah ha! Good news from my online friend! One of his bands, Watching Water, just got some songs recorded! You can download some of their mp3s and check them out by clicking on Lyrics.

Tip of the day: don't drink hot cider and eat grandma's apple pie at the same time. it's NOT ZESTY. the equivalent of lemonade and brownies.

how can two things that are so wonderful apart can be so awful together???

():o) Rachel